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How to select and identify sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear fabrics

Environmentally friendly and sustainable swimsuit fabric

This question is a topic of practical experience. If you really want to identify the authenticity, you need to destructively simulate and decompose the clothes, or send them to the inspection agency to prove that the clothes are made of eco-friendly materials. It will cost you a lot of time and money, and it may not get real results.

ECONYI recycled nylon is completely made of marine garbage and waste from landfills, such as industrial plastics, textile waste from garment manufacturing companies, old carpets, blankets, fishing nets and other textiles, which are re crushed and reprocessed. However, this reprocessing is a re “depolymerization” molecular recombination process.

Therefore, the raw materials are still unchanged, but the final recovery and inundation will lead to faster decomposition and less environmental pollution

The particularity of swimwear fabric, recycled nylon is the most commonly used raw material.
Of course, there are also some recycled swimwear fabrics produced from other recycled materials, such as castor seeds, corn, cassava, wheat or sugar instead of oil, which can produce yarns with lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Is there no way to identify? Of course, it is necessary to strictly verify the entire production process of the fabric supplier to ensure that the fabric is environmentally friendly.

Ensure that the production and processing process of the suppliers of environment-friendly swimwear fabrics can be traced and verified, and can provide the certification certificate of recycled fabrics.
Globalpifa. Com has a perfect top swimwear fabric supplier, which can ensure that the raw materials conform to ethical production to the maximum extent, and ensure that the swimwear fabric can be traced and verified.

We are the largest incubation platform for global swimwear brands. Cooperate with sports enthusiasts, field leaders, entrepreneurs and brand owners to provide a complete set of trading environment in line with “moral trade”.

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