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Therefore, you can focus on what really matters at the end, YOUR CLIENTS!

4 Types of Swimwear

Mukura swimwear provides you with the best solution among all others. You get different styles in different and unique stuff here.

White-Label Swimwear

The white-label swimwear is suitable for those who intend to sell products online. It is easy for them to sell the products online without compromising on quality. 

The unique feature of white-label swimwear is that it saves you from the trouble of designing and other stuff. All you need to do is to sit and plan how you will be selling the product. You shall only be responsible for all the branding and marketing things.

Wholesale Swimwear

There is a common practice of reselling the items of an established brand in your retail shop, this practice is done in wholesale swimwear. You buy the products in bulk and sell them either online or in the shops. 

The biggest advantage of selling branded items is that you don’t have to invest additionally in marketing and branding costs. A well-established brand’s item speaks well
of itself. Just work on your selling skills.

Black-Label Custom Swimwear

Black-label custom swimwear is a complete solution to designing it all yourself. This is a fully custom swimwear solution where you get exclusive designs. Designing can be managed by you or us.

You need bigger investments in such a service but you get to benefit from exclusiveness. Also, you get all the rights of owning a brand. Some brands use black-label for fewer pieces and then move towards white-label for the rest product line.

Private-Label Swimwear

Private-label swimwear is somewhere between custom and white-label swimwear. This swimwear starts with white-label where you can custom make your designs and make changes, and they become your own unique item.

You can get customization options for each style but there is a cost for that. Selling through private-label can be competitive for you over many other White-label swimwear.

Know the Process of Ordering Swimwear

Experience the best swimwear manufacturing company to build a unique and quality brand. So, follow these steps and know the process of how you can create your own swimwear brand.


Share Our Idea

You can share your ideas with us through email or connect with us on different social media
channels. Share all the information regarding fabric, style, laces, stitching details, colors, etc. to
custom make them properly. Also, you can order samples from us to better understand the
digital color chart.


Giving Life to the Idea

After your idea-sharing phase, we will create a sample test for you first. When the sample is approved by you only then will we start bulk production. In this production phase, your labels, printing, or embroidery will take place, as per your requirements.


When An idIa Becomes Reality

If you have ordered a batch of made-to-order products then rest assured. All these products will
be delivered in-time and the same as shown before. will be checked in the quality assurance
department to thoroughly check the designs, color, print, fabric, and manufacturing errors (if
any), and then they will be dispatched.

Choose Mukura As Your Custom Swimwear Manufacturer

China has progressed in swimwear manufacturing by switching from manual production to automatic production units. This increases productivity and provides high efficiency in production with flexible delivery. You can choose Mukura as your swimwear manufacturer, starting with little orders.

There is a wide range of fabrics, designs, and manufacturing options available for you here. You can kick-start your brand by selling swimwear in Bali. Bali is the hottest spot for swimwear manufacturers, though you can start your label here.

We use advanced technology including software, tools, and supply chain services to produce large and small-scale products. Therefore, the world seeks production services from China. We build trust with our clients to provide them with a better experience.

Why Mukura As Your Swimwear Manufacturing Partner?

Here is why you should choose us as your custom swimwear manufacturer:

● Mukura is there to help small businesses to customize products quickly

● You can be your own boss by designing your own items or altering the existing ones

● You can use our expertise and build your clothing style

● We help designers to have faith in themselves and compete in the market

● With our global logistics services, you can get the products right on time

● We deal with our customers 24/7 with our fastest response support team

● We use eco-friendly fabrics


What Makes Mukura Unique in Swimwear Manufacturing?

We give you the power and flexibility to have control over the swimwear manufacturing process. Hence, client-based manufacturing helps them to work enthusiastically and
manage things well.

Low MOQ swimwear production with high-quality assurance services. Usually, small MOQs can damage the quality of the items. Because there are small machines and staff available for low MOQ companies. But with Mukura you can rest assured. We provide
standard and up-to-the-mark products to our clients.

It might be difficult for clients to have access to various fabric materials for swimwear manufacturing. We deal with such matters and provide you with the best of the fabrics for your swimwear brand.

We believe in the three Rs of sustainability. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. We support ethical and sustainable swimwear manufacturing.

Anyone Can Own A Swimwear Brand

If you have been dreaming to become an entrepreneur or want to sell online, or else you lovedesigning clothes then you are right on track to work with us. 

You can build your items with us and launch them in the market with confidence! We love to guide and push designers toward success.

You get many options for designing and manufacturing here. Also, we support small businesses therefore, if you have a small order quantity then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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