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The Ins and Outs of Choosing a Swimsuit Manufacturer!

There’s no doubt that swimsuit season will soon be here. However, when you’re an entrepreneur and own a small business, you don’t always have time to go shopping for a new one-piece suit or bikini.

You’ll have to either start from scratch and create your swimsuit line or find someone who can produce your design in bulk orders. 

The good news is that there are plenty of options, but the bad news is that it can be hard to navigate through all the different manufacturers to find the best one for your company. 

Read on to learn more!

  • Step 1: Start with Research

Do your homework and research several swimsuit manufacturers. Visit their websites, do an internet search, check them out on social media, get in touch with their sales representatives—do whatever you can to find as much information as possible about each one. 

You might be surprised at how much variation there is between companies; don’t take it personally if one company thinks your ideas are boring or not on brand—pick another.

  • Step 2: Think About Your Budget

There are both inexpensive swimsuits and suits that cost thousands. 

There are many levels in between as well. It’s important to consider your budget when looking for swimsuits or any clothing item because you have to consider how much you want, which quality can fit your budget, and much more.

  • Step 3: Consider the Size

One problem many people encounter when choosing a swimsuit manufacturer is simply finding one that caters to their size. If you’re petite, finding someone to make you a pair of board shorts in your size may be hard. 

On top of that, some manufacturers don’t offer custom sizes or only have an average sizing option—which means you might not get something that fits correctly. So, always consider the ones who can work around your brand sizes.

  • Step 4: Look at Fabric Quality

When choosing a manufacturer’s swimsuit, you should look at fabric quality. Cheap fabrics will often feel stiff and scratchy on your skin. Because of this, you may also experience irritation during or after wear. 

It would be best if you were looking for swimsuits that use high-quality fabrics that are comfortable for your customers. 

  • Step 5: Assess Production Quality

The next thing you’ll want to do is assess their production quality. Look at their previous work and ask yourself, how does it compare to yours? 

Make sure that if they’re your manufacturer, they can produce high-quality items. It will be worth it in the end. 

Once you know, they can produce something that meets your standards, proceed confidently. This will lead you to your next step on how to start a business while staying successful in swimwear manufacturing—Contracts!

  • Step 6: Choose A Manufacturer

Now that you have an idea in mind, it’s time to decide who will be making your new swimwear line. 

Of course, if you’re producing low volumes, there is no right or wrong answer—but when choosing a manufacturer, your priorities should be experience, quality control and price. 

If you can get all three of these things from one supplier, then Global Pifa is your best option! 

Global Pifa is globally recognized for its high-quality workmanship and expert craftsmanship, which has earned it loyal customers worldwide meaning you can rely on them to deliver high-quality products consistently. 

With so many production facilities around China, they can turn around a prototype quickly, allowing you to get your products in stores more quickly than other manufacturers.

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